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Posted 08 / 02 / 2009
Welcome to Falcon40.co.uk.

I'm no longer involved in flight sims and haven't been for many years but I've decided to leave this site running for all my friends in the Falcon 4 community. Given that I no longer own a Cougar, or for that matter a PC I'm afraid I cannot offer advice via email or update the files on this site any further.

I do plan to keep the site up and running for as long as possible so the existing files will remain available for download however and I hope they continue to be useful.

Any donations will be much appreciated as I do have to pay to keep the site hosted each year and every small donation helps.

Have fun


Latest cougar files
Allied Force | 51112 | 2005-11-12 Download
Falcon BMS2 | 50827 | 2005-08-27 Download
Falcon Sp3 & 4 | 50827 | 2005-08-27 Download
Open Falcon | Beta 8 | 2005-10-18 Download
Latest cougar files

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